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07-29-2020 08:38 PM
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   At my organization we take environmental survey building. Each building is identified and many measuremenst are taken inside each building. I have created a form that is separated into two groups. The first group identifies the building that is surveyed, in a field named "Location" and the serial numbers of the equipment used. This first group is only filled out once and is non-repeating. The second group consists of the specific measurements that are taken inside the building that is mentioned in the first group. This second group is a repeating group and has many records per building.

   When I export the data from the second group into an excel sheet, it would be very useful to have a defaulted column that is set to whatever the "location" field, selected in the first group. 

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Hi Sam,

I can recommend exporting data in GDB format and then using Join Field in ArcGIS Pro/ArcMap to have desired field in second group.



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I do this by adding a calculate or hidden field in the repeat with a formula of ${field I want} so it brings in the value.   You have to give it a different name so that there are no dups but other than that it works fine.

Hope that helps

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