Latency Issue using Standard Palette annotating on a iPad 3rd gen Air

07-21-2022 02:03 PM
New Contributor III

Is anyone experiencing a latency issue annotating with the standard palette using a iPad 3rd gen Air?  We are not seeing this on the iPad Pros (10.5 inch).  We are on version 3.15.146 of Survey123.  This user is still on version 15.4 of OS.  (We have not asked him to update this yet, because it wants to go to version 15.6, and we are approved by IT to go to 15.5).  He was in an area with 2 cell bars, but was not any better when turning on airplane mode.

Our custom palette does not have this issue, nor any other functionality in Survey123 or any other app.

He has lots of space on his hard drive.

The iPad has not overheated nor shutdown from overheating.


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