Large Survey Form Based on Existing Features Not Loading Properly on iOS

05-06-2021 10:04 AM
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Hello, I have created a survey form that is based on an existing feature layer file that has 8,000+ entries. Everything is working smoothly on my Android-based device, minus some slow load times (it is expected with such a large dataset), but otherwise working as I would have hoped. However, in the field we will be using iPads/iPhones which have been encountering errors in our prepping of the survey. Two of the iPads are iPad Mini 2s running iOS 12.5.3, one iPad (7th Generation), and an iPhone XR, both running the most updated iOS. In all cases, the app crashes when trying to get into the map view. However, with the iPad Mini 2s I was able to access the map, but the entries weren't fully downloaded to the inbox. With this, they never were able to fully load the data which results in an app crash and upon entering Survey123 post crash, the entries reset to 0 synced or around 500 total are loaded. As for the 7th Gen iPad and the iPhone XR, they were both able to load the full amount of data into the inbox, but were not able to access the map view. 

We will be trying to optimize the dataset by combining some of the data entries together, however, that will probably only reduce the size of the dataset to about 6,000 entries. I have already increased the cap to the number of entries that can be seen in the Inbox so I am thinking that its just so much data that the server is being overloaded a bit?

If anyone has some insight about what could be done to try and troubleshoot these issues that would be such a wonderful bit of help. Thank you very much and I hope to hear from someone soon.

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You may have nailed the issue with iOS 12.5.3.  

Make sure your on the new version of collector. Go to the App Store and search for Collector. You will see ArcGIS Collector and Collector Classic.   Look at the icons and make sure you have upgraded to ArcGIS Collector. 

If that does not work try installing Field Maps on your devices. 

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