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03-09-2023 03:03 PM
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I recently updated Survey123 Connect to version 3.17.54. Previously, fields were only required in repeat sections if you wanted to use that form. Now, however, it appears that the fields are required regardless of whether or not you have data in that section/repeat form (we have a large form with many groups and repeats). Is there a way to make these fields only required if you have data in the repeat section?

Secondly, I am having issues with conditional requirements using an answer from a select_one_from_file. It will not allow me to use this field in the select formula in the required field. Is there a way around this? Any help is very much appreciated! 


thank you



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I had problems with a form after moving to version 3.17. I was not able to pin the problem down completely but it looked like an invisible field was being assessed as required. Not quite the same issue as you but maybe related?

Due to a previous problem with a new release last year, I had had to move a lot of conditions to the body::esri:visible from the relevant column. So, fingers crossed and I moved them all back to the relevant column this time. So far this has worked. 

So maybe look at where your conditions are?

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Survey 3.17 fixed a bug where questions could be submitted despite not meeting requirements, constraints, input masks or even field types. The most common scenario for this is a required hidden question (not populated through URL scheme, calculations or defaults).

I view it as correct behavior (bad survey design :D) but it has had a lot of survey publishers suddenly realizing the error, including myself. You could assume it's the same as a relevant statement, but not quite.

For the repeat issue and select_one_from_file I'd strongly encourage you to share your XLSForm and relevant files. Will help massively in troubleshooting. You can remove other questions.