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Is there a way to create a link from Dynamic Content in Power Automate that links to a feature in a webmap?

06-15-2023 09:03 AM
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So long story short I'm working on a project with non-GIS folks and so far I've used Power Automate to populate an excel sheet that they can check for results coming in - it shapes up to be a cleaner experience with less explaining vs the s123 results console.

This leads to my question - is there a way to use any of the Dynamic Content fields captured from the survey (in Power Automate) to link out to the specific survey feature in an existing webmap? 

I know it's a silly workaround but if it's possible I'd appreciate any guidance.

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Esri Notable Contributor

Check this help topic: 

You can get the XY coordinates of the record to construct a new URL. Note that you have parameters to control the web map, zoom level and you can even add a pushpin at the location with a popup.