Is there a way to clear the barcode after it has been scanned?

07-13-2022 11:08 AM
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I made a survey using Survey123 Connect (3.13) that has a barcode question with minimal appearance used to obtain sample IDs. When the QR code is scanned, the sample ID information is extracted from the link and populates the sample_id question, which then becomes read-only to avoid accidental changes. The sample_id field is a text entry with format constraints, so when Survey123 scans the QR code erroneously (i.e., the wrong link), the sample_id becomes read-only but the extracted info does not meet the constraint. I then realized I could not find a way to "clear" the barcode field and erase the info it scanned. Does this option exist on the Survey123 app?


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@mendoncaraissa Below is a screenshot when using the Barcodes sample survey in the field app 3.15.145















You are able to clear the barcode and rescan

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