Is it possible to embed a speed test inside a Survey123 form?

12-05-2019 07:16 AM
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We have an existing Survey123 form that we've been using to have citizens report limited broadband areas.  There now is a desire to collect the results of a citizen-performed speed test and have those results automatically put into one or more Survey123 fields.  Up to this point, we've told them to manually enter the results into some Survey123 form fields, but we were hoping to avoid that manual data entry.

I could see how you could have the citizen initially go to the speed test (here's the one we're using), run the test, and then create a URL parameter string that launches a Survey123 form with certain fields pre-populated (assuming we can figure out how to capture that info in the speed test app...).  But I was wondering if we could instead have the speed test itself be embedded inside the Survey123 form, and as the citizen is filling out the Survey123 form, they could then run the speed test and have the results fill in either visible or hidden fields within the Survey123 form, i.e. the speed test is just like another question.

I wasn't sure if this was even possible (or practical), so I'm curious if anyone has any thoughts.

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Hi Damon,

You are using the Survey123 web app for this?  If so, this may be something that could work with an in-development feature - a JSAPI to interact with the web app.  See the Early Adopter Community for more details.