Is it possible to add an option for the user to print a completed web form?

03-01-2022 07:21 AM
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I am hopefully looking for a solution that I can add at the end of the survey for a user to print the form once they've filled everything out, with the fields filled in. Alternatively once they submit then a pdf/document of their answers could automatically be saved or printed. I have a survey where users want to maintain a copy for their records, so it'd be really great if they could print it. 

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Hi @GIS_utahDEM,

There is currently no option to print the survey after it is submitted via the web app using the web browser. The main reason is the formatting and styling of the printed survey, due to different question types, attachments and if the survey has groups and repeats. This is not easy to print in a simple document, without a template and print service that understands the report layout and configurations.

However it is possible to configure a webhook and/or use the reports feature in the Survey123 website to create a PDF and email it to the user when they submit the survey:

There are also some great blog posts and other user posts on these topics in this forum too.



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