Intermittent Field App Survey Form Problems

03-23-2021 11:36 AM
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Hi All,

I am having a frustrating issue with one of my surveys which seems to be intermittent, but on closer observation became apparent when the device either lost connection (mobile data), or got logged out in the middle of a survey.

The problem starts when I notice that when I check a question which 'should' open up subsequesnt questions (relevent) don't open. In addition I can not navigate back (within survey repeat section) as it requests completing a required question (which is populated). I am then stuck for what to do except save survey in drafts. Even if I then reconnect / login  the survey form behaves the same when I get to that section. The only way to resolve is to screenshot my previous recordings and then delete that survey record (from drafts) completely and start again.

When the device doesn't lose conection and remains logged in, there is no problem. Can anyone advise or know of this issue? I can and happy to elaberate if you nee more details.

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Hi @ChrisMaclaurin,

Do the relevant expressions require using a username or email or signed in state (online/offline) depending on the values returned for those fields?

Are you able to share the survey xlsx file (and any media/csv etc) so we can take a closer. The connection/disconnection of network or changes from wifi to 4g or offline should not affect the questions and ability to collect data, unless you have configured you survey to use those properties.



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Hi Phil,

Not as far as I am aware. I can't seem to understand why log out or disconnection (from 4g mobile data) would cause this? 

I am thinking the problem is using a Javascript to return a value from form input and the query doesn't 'get' anydata from API, just returns from form input from a previous repeat. I am not sure and haven't come accross this sort of problem before and I haven't use JS like this in a survey before (I would normally just use sum on the XLS sheet). As I mentioned it does seem to work until I lose connection in the middle of survey and then it only occurs in the subsequest repeat... and then it sticks, and I can't continue, move back or submit. Reconnection doesn't seem to fix the problem and the survey has to be abandoned (figuratively speaking) and started again.

I have attached the whole survey folder. Thanks.

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Hi @Philip-Wilson,

I have tried to repeat the same fault today but it seems to be working properly? Not sure why that would be? The only difference is I have update my ipad to OS14.4.2 not sure if that would have anything to do with it? Reagrds, Chris

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Hello @ChrisMaclaurin

Thank you for passing along the survey! I have tested on my end and I have not been able to reproduce the same behavior. I've tested on an iPhone 8+ running IOS 14.4.2 and an iPhone 12 mini running IOS 14.4.1 and I was not able to repro on either device. 

I tested placing the device on airplane mode disabling the cellular and WiFi connections and the behavior did not occur. 

On your device are you using a VPN to connect to an internal network? Are you using ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise, and do you have Enterprise log in's configured with your Organization?

Thank you, 


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Hi @ZacharySutherby,

Yes we do use VPN and ArcGIS Online where I sign in with company URL.

I have also failed again today to reproduce the fault. I think I was running an even earlier IOS than 14.4.1 when the issue presented. On the two survey days when this first hapenned I did seem to keep getting logged out more often, even during filling in the form at one of our sites which doesn't normally happen.

It is a bit of an anomoly that apears to have resolved itself with the ISO update! I Will do some for testing after the Easter break.

Thanks Zach.

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