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Integromat Create Report: Recover from jobStatus = esriJobFailed

08-15-2022 07:24 AM
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When I started this post I was looking for a way to automate the recovery process from an error (described below). With fresh eyes this morning, I have a new question. Why does the Create report app not fail when the jobStatus = esriJobFailed? If the app would indicate fault when it fails to generate a report, then I think it would be more intuitive functionality and assist in recovery.

Description of Error:

When running a standard template Watch Survey123 > Create report in Survey123 > HTTP > Email scenario in Integromat, occasionally it breaks. I'm hoping to use their error handling tools to resolve this automagically. I can always wait like 5 minutes, restart the scenario, and it works fine. Immediate restarts do not allow the scenario to succeed, for whatever reason a time delay is required.

The specific error message I get is in the HTTP app:


Validation failed for 1 parameter(s).

Missing value of required parameter 'URL'.

Digging deeper, I can see that the real problem is in the Create report step:

jobStatus: esriJobFailed

Because waiting a few minutes and restarting resolves this error type, I suspect Create report is not waiting long enough for my Enterprise portal to generate the report. If anyone has any tricks to handle this type of issue I'd love to hear them. My thoughts were either Router > Sleep > Resume, or enable incomplete execution storage, Router > Break. I was hoping for the first, as the second would still require manual intervention to process, but at least stop the scenario breakage.



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Digging deeper, this is unrelated to Make/Integromat. It's just I have 100% of my feature reports being generated by them, unless there's a problem. And this issue is intermittent, so hard to catch when it's happening. A couple times I've gotten lucky and been able to reproduce the error manually making a report in S123, the errors are:

  • An error occurred when rendering by the report engine. Failed to print map for ${nid | mapSettings:"6d79cce3669d4b89afc02dc5bb2a1fab":1000 | drawingInfo:”currentLayer” | size:490:450}. EDSK1: A temporary issue occurred. Please try again later.
  • An error occurred when rendering by the report engine.  Failed to print map for `${nid | mapSettings:"6d79cce3669d4b89afc02dc5bb2a1fab":1000 | drawingInfo:”currentLayer” | size:490:450}`.  Failed to print map: {"name":"request:server","message":"Failed to fetch","details":{"url":.../server/rest/services/Hosted/service_0cb14094c9444c8ba38ca5591dc31ac6/FeatureServer/0/query,"requestOptions":{"query":{"f":"json","returnExtentOnly":true,"returnCountOnly":true,"objectIds":"6702","spatialRel":"esriSpatialRelIntersects"},"responseType":"json"},"ssl":true,"httpStatus":0,"raw":{"stack":"TypeError: Failed to fetch","message":"Failed to fetch"}}}

I can see the report failed when the map did not "print". What I cannot see is how either of these error messages can point me towards the cause of this problem.

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