Integromat and Survey123 - HTTP 500: Internal Server Error

04-01-2021 10:21 AM
New Contributor II

Hello, I've had an active scenario running in Integromat with Survey123 for about a year now. I've recently had several issues with the scenario becoming deactivated due to an error while processing the scenario.

It occurs in the Survey123 create report module which causes the HTTP get a file module to fail. 

When I go to investigate the issue it is an "HTTP 500: Internal Server Error", I am able to manually run the scenario and it works properly with the same data that previously caused it to fail. I am then able to reactivate the scenario and it will run properly for some time and then inevitably fails. I've checked my connections and reauthorized the ones I'm using. I'm not sure what to do to avoid this happening in the future? The survey is hosted in AGOL, if that's useful. Any help is appreciated. Thank you! 

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