Average value inside repeats

01-15-2019 01:55 AM
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Hi, Is there any option to calculate the average (the sum of each value entered divided by the number of values entered into a repetition (has no defined value) and can be calculated? 


"If you enter 02 values, then divided by 02, if you enter 03 values, divided by 03, if you enter N values divided by N "

I think I've only seen it within ideas of improvements.

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It can be done. Here is how I do it in my survey:

Create 2 field Outside the  reapeat group. One field will use the function Count() on a field within the repeat group and the other will use the Sum() function on that same field.

Then simply divide the results.

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Thanks, Nicolas

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Alternatively, create a new row (or field) outside the repeat to calculate the average. The calculation would look something like this:

(sum(${Question_1})) div (count(${Question_1}))

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