Integrating Survey123 and QuickCapture integration - collect spatial and tabular data in a single record

03-02-2021 11:51 AM
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Needing to stream lines and polygons, but unable to do so in Survey123, I am trying to integrate QuickCapture (QC) and Survey123 (S123). I have a button to capture the location and then one to launch the survey. The Survey123 field app is linked to the correct survey.


The problem is that rather than a single record with both the spatial and tabular data, two records are created - one from QC with only the spatial feature but no tabular data (second row in following screenshot) and one from S123 with the tabular data but no spatial feature (first row in following screenshot). There is no way to link the 2 records together, because the GlobalIDs differ. And to my knowledge, there is no way to generate a unique ID in QC (to my knowledge) to pass to S123.

Likewise, I have started in S123 and then called QC via a button to stream the line/poly feature in QC. The same problem persists - two records are created without a means of linking them together.

Please tell me there is a way to do this that I am overlooking. Otherwise, it seems as though the integration is incomplete.



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Hi Whitney,

There isn't currently a way to create a line or polygon in QuickCapture and then open the associated survey in Survey123 based on the GlobalId or other unique ID, but you could use a custom URL scheme to open the Survey123 inbox with a filter. If you had a status field in your feature layer, you could populate it with a fixed value like "Survey needed" in QuickCapture, filter the Survey123 inbox for that value, and then update the value when completing the survey.

A couple other options that may work in your use case is using the Survey123 collect by vertex method or linking to Survey123 from Collector.



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