Integrating Existing Feature Layer with Survey123

01-10-2022 04:24 PM
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I am exploring how to integrate feature layers into Survey123 and would really appreciate any feedback on the following questions. I created a survey from an existing feature layer, with a point layer (rain gauges) that I want to collect data for, following these instructions. I could use clarification on:

1)  In Survey123 Connect > XLS form > Settings tab > submission_url  - Is this the URL for the feature layer created for the survey form in ArcGIS Online or is this the URL for the original feature layer in AGOL? 

2)  Can I display the feature layer on the survey's map feature, such that people can select a particular rain gauge on the map and then answer the form for the feature? I thought that creating the survey from an existing feature layer would allow me to pull in the feature layer into the map; however, currently my survey map only displays an imagery basemap. 

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Hello Aarushi,

1) The submission URL will reference the original feature layer, assuming  you created a survey from an existing feature service using Survey123 Connect, this URL will reference the original feature layer.


Working with existing Feature Services in ArcGIS Survey123 (

2) You can add custom layers/data for reference/viewing into your Survey123 basemap by linking map contents from your ArcGIS Online account. Please see the steps at the link: Survey123 Tricks of the Trade: Configuring survey ... - Esri Community








Alternatively, you can utilize Survey123 Inbox Mode to edit existing data/features directly. Inbox mode supports both displaying data in a list view and a map view. More details here: Edit existing survey data—ArcGIS Survey123 | Documentation

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The way to click on a gauge then launch the form would be to use Field Maps with a link to 123.

See here for more  my post 

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1.  I've never changed this personally, even when creating a survey from an existing feature layer.  I can't help you out with that specific, but related advice -  Go through and set all of the esri field type and esri field length values for the existing fields in your feature service.  Whenever I created a survey from an existing service, I have to go through and set that stuff manually or else someone will inevitably make a submission and get an error because of field length. 


2.  You can DISPLAY the existing feature layer in your basemap by adding the web map that contains it as "Linked Content" and then re publishing it (you have to publish the survey once before this becomes available).   You cannot interactive with the map though, it just acts as a basemap.  

If you want people to "answer the form for the feature", you can use the INBOX to allow them to see nearby rain gauges and then click it to update them.  You'll see arrows and distance indicators, but they won't actually be displayed on a map.   If you want to launch survey123 from a map, you can construct a URL parameter that will launch your survey in edit mode for a specific feature.   

Or, you could also use "Field Maps" to allow people to view it on a web map and then update the feature in a form entry just like Survey123.