Incorporating all dates within a Start and End date period

01-31-2023 08:30 AM
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We are using a form to track work and time spent on different job types.  Included in the form is the option for different types of leave as well- like vacation.

The data is stored by work date, so every workday will have a record with the different job(s) that was performed.  This is helpful for users querying and viewing the data because they can simply go to a specific day and see what was done.

The problem that we have found is when an employee wishes to enter vacation time.  One day of vacation is not a big issue, but if the employee is taking vacation for a week +, the experience of entering the “job” is poor for the user because they need to submit a record for each day.

I am exploring the options for improving this experience for the user while still maintaining the current schema, since it seems to be the best for data usability.

One idea I had was if there could be a second survey that was meant for extended leave.  A user could enter the start and end dates, and in the background there would be a process to translate the entry from this new form and insert the leave items as date specific records into the original form.  Of course, this translation of the start and end dates would need to consider only business days- not weekends or holidays. 

I am seeking perspective if..

  • the above idea is a viable solution that could be created or has been created and how it could be done?
  • there is another, better or easier way to solve this problem?
  • there are other general recommendations on this problem?



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