Inbox not showing on survey download

10-06-2017 12:21 PM
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I have a survey that I have created from an existing feature service, based on a parcel layer.

When I download the survey, it works beautifully. The survey and the feature service are both shared with my organization.

I have a coworker, signed in under my Esri ID (yes, I know, but our IT department is on the slow boat on getting his ID created) who is not seeing the inbox at all. He can sign and download the survey, but it is only showing COLLECT not INBOX.

Any reason why this would be?

Sara G.

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Hi Sara,

I assume you are both downloading and opening the exact same survey that has the Inbox enabled (via Connect). If using the same login (not recommended) then you should see the same menus and options in the survey.

Is your co-worker using the latest version of Survey123 (2.4.72) and on what platform (iOS, Android, Windows)? What version are you using? And what version of Connect was the survey published with?

Note the Inbox is only supported in more recent versions from 2.0 and above. However for all surveys, I would recommend that all users are on the latest version of the app (2.4.72) and that you have published your surveys with the latest version of Connect (2.4.60), as there have been many improvements, new features and bug fixes in latest version.



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Thanks Phil - it turned out to be an issue with the iPad not being updated and not updating to the latest version of Survey123.

Sara G.