Inbox not refreshing on iPhones

05-24-2021 09:50 AM
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My survey's inbox will not refresh/update when using an iPhone (the inbox/refresh function works fine on an Android). 

I have tested my survey on four different iPhones, with the same result: when you try to refresh either by clicking the refresh button or my pulling the screen down to refresh the page, the survey says "Getting service information" and the inbox never updates.

To complicate matters: our organization uses Survey123 for a number of programs. The inbox/refresh function works fine on iPhones for all of the other surveys we have developed, so this seems to be a survey specific issue that is only impacting iPhone users.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi @KrisOlsson,

I responded to your comment in the other post, see

It sounds as if those devices and the downloaded surveys with those user account can not access the feature service in the org. Can you try delete and reinstall the app, and also download the survey again?



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