Inability to switch basemap in map gallery in Survey 123 browser

07-09-2021 01:35 PM
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We are having some users who are unable to switch the basemap in the map gallery under the data tab in the Survey 123 browser.  Our users with certain permissions are able to do so (Publisher and greater). It seems implied that any user can switch the basemap, and I am not finding any esri documentation that suggests there need to be certain permissions granted to be able to switch the basemap. Any ideas? Thank you. 

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Hi @CarlyHerndon1 

Thanks for sharing here! When you say "unable to switch the basemap", do you mean some users cannot see a certain basemap in the map gallery? If this is the case. could you double check if the basemap is shared publicly?

If this is not the case, could you please describe what is the behavior you see on the data page, like the map gallery panel cannot be loaded correctly? If it is possible, could you also include a screenshot of the page, and the console panel (which can be opened by F12 key).