in Survey123 connect, while doing survey Auto populate feature ID based on earlier submitted survey

02-08-2023 02:46 PM
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I am trying to make a smart form on Survey123 connect. I have a field name feature ID. I am trying to save this featureID on Survey123 when we submit the survey. After that I want to use this featureID to pulldata and use it to populate next feature ID number for my new survey.

For example... let's suppose I have submitted a survey with featureID - "ABC100", now I want to use this featureID to auto-populate in my next draft survey as "ABC101".

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Hi @VirajPatel 

Using the new pulldata("@layer") function you can count the number of records submitted to a survey (granted that your survey layer has query capabilities enabled).   With that, you can build formula to populate subseuent IDs

Check out this video by Ismael Chivite on minute 22:10, as it describes how to do it plus more functionality. Also some additional help for pulldata in this blog, and this help topic.

Hope this helps

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