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Import data from external app into particular field

05-16-2023 04:46 PM
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Hi -

I use a keyboard wedge app to insert RFID data into my Survey123 form. Currently the user has to click in the appropriate field prior to scanning the tag or the data is either lost or inserts into the wrong field. While this is also a workflow issue, I still get requests to have the data from the wedge app be automatically inserted into the correct field. (Prior to using S123 we had a for-fee data management service and their app did this... but also didn't use a wedge app - their coding skillz are obviously muuuuuuch better than mine.) As this is a major source of error in our data collection process, I'm still trying to figure it out.

We currently use 232Key and BluePiano (for Windows and Android devices, respectively). Does anyone know of any way to specify where the app inserts the data? This may be something that needs to happen on the wedge app, but I'm not sure how to do that either. If anyone has any information on a similar situation so I can look into it, I would appreciate it. We are open to other wedge apps if that's necessary. GetBlue (made by the same company that made BluePiano) may be an option, but I still wouldn't know the javascript necessary to specify where to send the data. So, if anyone has any how to info on using scripts to specify where to send data strings I would appreciate that as well!

Thank you!


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