Immediate Email From Survey123 Question Answers and Location + Weekly Report Generation

03-21-2022 05:36 AM
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Immediate Email
I was wondering if it is possible to initiate an email using web hooks or another method based on answers to a set of questions and the location of the point collected? This survey will be used to mobilize summer work plans by targeting areas 

For example, I have a question that if answered in the affirmative (yes) should initiate an immediate email to a particular work crew leader based on the location of the geopoint collected in the field. I have four different study areas set up in a dashboard, all with individual work crew leaders, that the survey is linked to. So the email should be sent to the correct individual if the question is answered yes and if it falls within a particular study area.

Weekly Report
Additionally, I would like to generate a weekly report of all the locations (points) collected within these four study areas. At the end of each week a report will be sent to the four study area work crew leaders based on the points collected within their study areas.

Please let me know if this makes sense and/or let me know if this is or is not the proper place to post this. 

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Hello @GarrettRSmith

Logic can be set up in a webhook to only perform a workflow if a specific condition is met, for example a question value equals some specific value. Please see this documentation for example regarding how to configure this in Microsoft Power Automate

As for the weekly reports, assuming you are talking about Survey123 reports I would suggest using the Survey123 module in the ArcGIS API for Python to accomplish this as you can configure your where clause for report generation to meet your needs. 

Please see this link for reference regarding how you can use the Survey123 Python API module to automate report generation. 

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