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Images not loading in Inbox

01-25-2022 04:48 PM
Occasional Contributor III

I have a simple survey configured with an Inbox enabled.  After I submit a photo using Collect I go to the inbox to view it and get a cartoon image with a line through it.  What am I missing.  I am using 3.13.246 & Connect 3.13.251.

I can access the attachments endpoint found in the logs, but then there is a "Destroying request" on the next line.  I am using portal 10.9.1.



="PortalRequest" function="onCompleted" filename="SurveyService.qml" line="138"] PortalRequest: Created request
="PortalRequest" function="query" filename="SurveyService.qml" line="164"] PortalRequest: attachments request url:
="PortalRequest" function="onDestruction" filename="SurveyService.qml" line="142"] PortalRequest: Destroying request:
="AppAlert" function="positionSourceAlert" filename="AppAlert.qml" line="145"] AppAlert: positionSourceAlert alertType: 4
="Portal" function="onStateChanged" filename="Portal.qml" line="404"] Portal: Application state changed: 2

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I have the same issue. Did you find a solution?

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