Image-map - Pre-Select Choice using previous field

08-18-2020 10:21 AM
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hi! i wonder if its possible to pre-select a Choise-One in a image-map using the calculate condition:

in my example its like this:

i whant to put any value... for example "20" in a integer field and after that i what to automatically be selected at the image-map choise:

i can bring the value... but when i made it using the iamge-map it seems to be not working well... here is the result:

and here its what it want to achive:

here its the code that im writeing in the Calculate field at the image-map choise: if((${h_cosecha} = 20   ) ,'20-1-23',0)

'20-1-23' its the awnser wanted at the choice sheet

i hope i made mysef clear... any questions im here


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Hi Federico

The logic you're using should work; just to double-check, is "20-1-23" the name of the choice on the choices sheet, or the label? For the calculation to work it must be referencing the name of the choice, not the label.



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