How to share a Survey 123 design (created in Connect) template with other users not in same group.

06-01-2023 01:30 AM
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How to share a Survey 123 design (created in Connect) template with other users not in same group.

I have created a survey design for recording plant records in the field and its to be used by a number of different organisations or partners in a large scale project to collect data on their own catchment. The Survey includes images of the plants, as well as geolocation data and ideally needs to be accessible by the partner to analyse.

From the perspective of managing these datasets, I thought that it would be most useful to have all the partner organisations hosting their own data and therefore using a version of the survey/template I have created but from within their own organisational account, rather than myself hosting all the data in one account via a group share and thereafter having to manage the data on their behalf.

Is there a simple way for me to be able to do this, as some of the partners have little experience with Survey 123 or the Connect software.

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Hi Jamie,

This should be fairly simple for you to share the Survey123 template with the outside organizations. Simply search for the 'My Survey Designs' folder on your local drive (mine was found here: C:\Users\brozwod\ArcGIS\My Survey Designs). Find the folder that relates to the Survey form you are wishing to share. Open the folder that houses the Survey123 form you wish to share, and simply copy/paste the corresponding excel worksheet within this folder to the outside organization(s).

Once shared, all the outside organization would need to do is open Survey123 Connect, click 'New Survey', then select 'Create a new survey from: File'.  They would then navigate to the excel worksheet that you provided, and all they have to do from there is publish.


Hope this helps!

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