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How to make fields added in a feature service via ArcPro visible in the Survey123 Online "Data Dashboard" when a report is selected.

10-13-2023 10:39 AM
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Recently the data in a feature service for a published Survey123 Connect Form was deleted. After reimporting a previous save file of the data in the empty feature service, all of the creation dates were obviously changed to the date of the import of the old data. This leads to my problem, the data collected via this connect survey is assessed in the default Survey123 web dashboard (under the data tab). A crucial part of this review process is the filtering of old records by date (the records that were deleted and reimported into the feature service which now all have the same creation date). I thought I could get around this by creating new fields in the feature service for the original creation/edit dates but the default Survey123 web dashboard does not show the new fields I added as a work around. Is there a way to show these new fields, which are in the feature service, in the Surve123 web dashboard? Thanks!

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Hello @GregSchneider1

You should be able to display the new field on the Data tab by selecting the plus icon on the right hand side and checking the box on for the new field. Note this will only change for your view, other folks who have access to the data will likely need to do the same thing. 



Thank you,
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Hey @ZacharySutherby I was able to follow your process and found the original fields under the plus icon, I select them but they do not appear on any of the old records that had original creation dates appended to them when the record is selected in survey123. Any advice? Thank you!

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