How to list overlapping labels in Survey123 Inbox Map

12-20-2022 03:42 AM
New Contributor

I am creating a survey123 where I have multiple measurement point, but some are geographically located in the same spot. The user shall use 'Inbox', but  the user can only see one of these measurements points via the labels in the Inbox Map, because all the labels are overlapping. 

Since Survey123 are creating its own labels it is not possible to solve this by changing the WebMap used, and I could not find a solution via google, so that overlapping labels are shown in a list or just next to eachother.


I am using the following tools:

ArGIS survey123 Connect (To create the survey)

ArcGIS Survey123 3.16.114 (To test the survey)


Any kind of help would be highly appriciated - Thanks. 

(I know that I can press update and see all the measurements point in list menu, but it would be much better to have all these options in the "map" )

Below is an example of how labels are overlapping (Two shown in map, four in list)


Thanks again!

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