Better Way of Collecting Nested Surveys

04-04-2022 04:16 PM
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Is there a way to fill out a set of questions and have those questions 'pre-fill' into subsequent surveys?

I am collecting data at random points along a stream.  A new survey 'Habitat' is completed for each random point. I have an additional survey 'Start of Reach' that is completed once to collect data about the section of steam the 'Habitat' surveys take place in. 'Start of Reach' contains questions such as Stream Name, Date, and Surveyor that don't change throughout the section of stream. 

I chose this system because the 'Habitat' survey is filled out 100's of times a day, and removing those 8 'Start of Reach' questions saves a lot of time and effort. My plan was to then combine the data from the corresponding surveys in a CSV file later.

Ideally, to cut down on potential mistakes in matching the surveys, the 'Start of Reach' questions would be at the beginning of each 'Habitat' survey, but it would auto-fill after the first time entering it. Does something like this exist?


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Hi Kaitlyn,

There might be a way to prepopulate those answer but I do not know. However, an alternative way for you to do this is to make a table called 'Start of Reach' and relate that table via global IDs to your 'Habitat' table. Then set up your Survey123 so that the 'Habitat' portion is a nested repeat. This way the surveyor would fill out the 'Start of Reach' once and then fill out the 'Habitat' portion as many times as you'd like.

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Would you be able to post an example? I seem to be struggling to put something like this together and be functional in a work setting. Thanks

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