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How to link feature service layer in Survey123?

05-07-2018 01:40 AM
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Hello to all,
I'd like to update my existing feaure service via Survey123 but, when I create a new survey with Survey123 Connect starting from the feature service, only the first of the service layers is received by the system. I've tried to update the form_id and the instance_name but with no result.

Can you give me some suggestions?


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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi Alfonso. This is a known limitation of Survey123 Connect.  When using Create Survey->From Feature service, Connect always creates an XLSFile looking at the first layer of your feature service.  If you would like to create a survey that loads data in other layers, you will need to create the XLS file manually.

  • submission url: the URL of your feature layer item
  • form id: the name of the layer in your feature service you want to hit
  • survey worksheet: ensure that the questions in your survey worksheet reference field names that exist in the feature layer you are hitting
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It worked perfectly, thanks.

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Ismael, you make my day!

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Hi Ismael,

Is this still the case that you need to manually create a XLS file that loads data in other layers of a feature service? Have there been improvements to this process?


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I've seen this and other GeoNet threads on "submission url: the URL of your feature layer item"; but I have never seen the method for retrieving or creating the "layer Item " URL.

It looks like, for a hosted feature layer:

That the Survey123 (XLXs) "submission URL" is:

Is that the method and the correct "layer item"?

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Dudley,

You are correct.  The link is the feature layer item's link in the ArcGIS REST API: Item—ArcGIS REST API: Users, groups, and content | ArcGIS for Developers 

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Thank you

Your link to REST services helps

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