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How to include AM and PM in the Time question for Survey 123 Report template?

07-10-2023 07:15 PM
New Contributor II

Hi all,

I just created a new survey in the Survey123 connect with a Time question, and after that, I also created a Report template.

However, when I did a trial in the Survey123 Report template, I noticed that the AM and PM did not appear, together with the time in the Report template?

Does anyone know how will I include them in the Report template?

Appreciate any help.

Thank you.


Charmaine Miciano


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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello @MaCharmaineMiciano

When you format the dateTime question in your report template you can use the "a" or "A" qualifiers to include am/pm. Please see the Report templates documentation for more information. 

Thank you,
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