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App keeps crashing when selecting location (Android)

07-12-2023 04:56 PM
New Contributor III

The survey has several linked mobile map packages connected/linked to it. I have downloaded 2 different packages to my phone. When out of cell service (on airplane mode), the survey opens fine, I start collecting data, then when I go to click on the map/location button, the app crashes and closes. It does not crash when I select location from the top right icon, just when I select the location/geopoint from within the survey. There is no issue with the survey itself.

I've already contacted ESRI help/support. Just seeing if someone else has had the same problem.

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello @Marie-AngeFournier-Beck

What is the OS version and model of the Android device you are seeing the issue on? It would be good to provide Tech Support a Survey123 Diagnostic log, and if possible an Android OS log when the crash occurs.

Thank you,
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