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How to get unique/distinct values from dynamic choice list?

05-09-2023 06:24 AM
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I have a csv used to dynamically auto-populate the choice lists. The same csv is used for multiple lists and hence there are duplicate values. How can the list be limited to distinct/unique values? I tried combining both DISTINCT & UNIQUE with the search() but neither worked so I either have the syntax incorrect or am using the wrong thing. The spreadsheet is attached. Is there a way to do this without breaking it into multiple csv files with unique values or creating lists in the choices tab?


  1. Select System
  2. Based on System, select Class: autocomplete search('groups','matches','ecgSystem',${system})
  3. Based on Class, select Ecological Group: autocomplete search('groups','matches','ecgClass',${class})
  4. Based on Ecological Group, select Community Type:  autocomplete search('groups','matches','ecgName',${ecological_group})
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Not that I am aware of.

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