How to get pull data to pull from previous survey results?

04-11-2023 08:37 AM
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Hi there. Is there a way to get the pulldata formula to pull a previous answer to a question in the same survey? For example, we will be using a survey to monitor the number of seedlings in a plot. I would be helpful to know how many seedlings were in the plot at the last visit. So ideally once we put in the plot ID it would pull the answer from the most recent visit. The issue is getting the function to pull the right information when there have been multiple previous entries. So the pulldata formula would need two additional parameters to id the column so that it could pull the right information based on the information in three columns: the column with the number of seedlings, column with the correct plot ID, and column with the event id from the most previous monitoring event. Is this possible? Does what I'm asking even make sense? Thanks.

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Hello @MichaelaOwens

You can accomplish this using the pulldata("@layer") function, you would need to use some additional request parameters to return the most recent record. You can also narrow down the where clause to narrow down the previous entries and pull the right record. 

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