How to calculate the sum of all fields in Survey123?

03-23-2020 04:59 PM
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In order to make a line graph in the dashboard showing the cumulative number of corona cases, I need to create a hidden field in my Survey which automatically counts the numers of records. Is there a way of doing this?

My idea was to create a hidden field "def1" which has a default value of 1. Then I created a second hidden field which

calculated the total of the first hidden field i.e. sum(${def1})

This fails though. Could anyone help?survey

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Hi Robert,

There isn't a way in Survey123 to calculate the total number of submissions (a cumulative count); I also don't think that's quite the correct way to work with that, as it would be possibly too fine grained (submission by submission).

One idea would be to have a feature layer that has a table of dates and a field to store the cumulative number of cases; you could then use an Arcade function to do a field calculation (utilizing one of the FeatureSet options) - you would be able to create a field calculation based on the number of cases less than the date (using the Filter function to do the query).  What’s new with Arcade: Taking a stroll through FeatureSets (Part 1)  Provides a starting point to working with this functionality.

Also asking ArcGIS Online‌ and Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS‌ for their ideas.

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Been trying to figure this out all night, but unfortunately with no success. For a start, I cant summarize or use any featureset functions to display labels. If you have an example of how this works, i would be grateful

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