How to add data to existing S123 feature services in ArcMap?

06-16-2020 01:29 AM
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I have a S123 survey that I was asked to build in order to support surveys that were already being undertaken and recorded on paper. The S123 survey involves a repeat, which means that the resultant feature service has 2 layer and a relationship between the parent and child layer. The child layer includes a geopoint so both layers are point data.

I now need to add previously completed (survey) results into the feature service to allow for reporting and visibility, and I’m a little stuck on how to do this.

So far I’ve created a local copy for editing in ArcMap, digitised all of the parent and child features, and populated the ParentGlobalID field in the child features correctly so that parent and child features can be successfully joined. However, when I try and synchronise these changes with the S123 feature service, only the parent features are updated, not the child features.

Any tips on how I can complete this successfully? If there was no related table etc involved, this would be pretty straightforward, but I seem to have tripped myself up.

The only slightly abnormal approach I’ve taken here is that new features were appended to the child feature layer from another feature class, rather than being digitised directly in that layer. This shouldn’t trip me up (it hasn’t in the past) but may have this time?

If anyone has any suggestions on how to complete this task successfully, please let me know!


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Just found this video which may assist anyone else facing this issue:

This the workflow post referenced at about 0:30:

Loading Survey123 data with Related Tables into a New Form?  

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