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How to add currency symbol "$" to the calculated output field

11-09-2023 12:48 PM
New Contributor

Dear community of experts, am stuck with a problem and not getting anywhere. I have a calculated field on Survey123 Connect form and is set as Integer; all am looking for is to display a "$" sign before the output value. example - $ 2,500

I tried using concat but it didnt help; will appreciate if someone can help at the earliest please.



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concat('$',${testint}) works for me?  this is a note field of course.  cant have it next to the number though  Using hint looks okish.




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If you want the $ to appear next to the input box where numbers are punched in, I don't think that is easily achievable with S123, and some manifestation of Doug's suggestion is probably your best bet. Two ideas for you:

1. Have them input the number of dollars in one field and then use a note to display the input amount as dollars, saying something like "The reported value is $<${value}>."

2. Some tedious trial and error with the grid appearance might get you there. I can imagine a group with appearance=w2, where one field is a note that looks like this: "                                              $" and the next field is your number input for dollars.