How do I use Arcade to remove the underscores of the "choices" tab when using a select multiple list?

04-22-2021 05:16 PM
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In Survey 123 Connect, I am trying to remove the underscores present in the "name" column of the "choices" tab. I've read the Arcade comments with some code examples to replace the underscored term with the desired non-underscored multi-word term. 

How do I enter that code into Survey 123 Connect? I am not a coder, and as there are no examples to show this, I am assuming this is pretty straight forward to coders.

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Hi Julian, 

To me, it sounds like Arcade was applied within a web map or dashboard to replace '_' to ' '.  I will be interested in finding a solution if there is a way to do it within Survey123 directly.



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