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04-19-2021 07:26 AM
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Hello community, I had a question
I want to calculate a answer. but I don't know how to do that.

I'll describe the problem to see if that work.

my field workers have to take surveys and the area were they are work is split in polygons with different name each one, I want automatically the answer of that polygons name in one question.
is possible this in survey?

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Are you meaning you want them to select the polygon and it populates the name of that polygon in a field or you want to CALCULATE a name for that polygon based on multiple entries?

When you set up your link to start the Survey you can add something like this




In that example the LOCDESC_I is the name of the attribute in the survey your trying to populate.

{NAME} is the name of the attribute in the polygon with the name.  The brackets { } are important.

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If you are using a point to create a survey point within polygon areas, and what you want to get is the overlapping polygon's name, you can use pulldata @javascript. There are sample codes in the Sruvey123 connector.