How can I retain a user's input within a repeat

08-12-2022 07:01 AM
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Hello Folks,

I am developing a Survey123 Form (in Survey123 Connect Advance form) where the surveyor will geolocate a series of lines by shooting a series of points via the software.  The plan was to create a xlsForm that has:

  1. The user select the description of the points making up the line.
  2. The user then geolocates the point.
  3. And this series of inputs are nested within a Repeat.

The issue is, in it's current development every time a new step of the Repeat commences the description values have to be reentered, even though the surveyor is continuing to collect the same line with the same description.  Is there a way in Survey123 to 'retain' the user's/surveyor's inputs in a series of repeats till the user inputs new values/description?

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You can do it with a bit of stuffing around by holding the values until they ask to change the answer.


It's not possible to simply have the select_one answer default to the previous answer in the same repeat.

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