Hiding multi-part conditional question

07-01-2020 03:33 PM
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I have a multi-part question based on weather. The first question is a select one, the second question is a multiple selection and the third/fourth questions are select one relate to second question and only appear when "Rain" or "Wind" are selected in question 2. Ideally parts of question 2 "Additional Weather Info." would only appear depending on what was selected in question 1 "Weather." For example if "clear" was selected then only "wind" would appear in question 2 but if anything else in question 1 was selected then everything in question 2 would appear. Any ideas are appreciated. 

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Hey Ricky Prowse‌,

Your question sounds a lot like this one: Using choice_filter with a select_multiple question. 

There isn't a well defined answer to it but there are some ideas that may help out in there!



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