Data editing for public users in Survey 123 web?

06-29-2020 11:46 AM
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I developed a form and I appended all existing data from a previous survey. Now, I need all users to have access to the data but also to edit it. I would like them to edit the data in the browser. My users are not part of my organisation and do not have an esri account.

Is editing for public users available?

I have been searching for editing capabilities for external users and I have not found anything conclusive. Grateful for any feedback.

Thank you

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Hello L Santos‌, 

Assuming you are using ArcGIS Online editing for public users is available. You can share your survey and hosted feature service to everyone and pass along the link to the colleagues you would like to edit. With the link they should be able to take surveys and edit existing records. When the survey is hosted feature service are shared publicly the users will not be prompt for credentials. 

Please use this link for reference regarding sharing items: Share items—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation 

Please use this link for reference regarding getting started with public surveys: 

Please use this link for reference regarding securing data in public surveys: 

If you are using ArcGIS Enterprise there are some additional considerations in terms of networks and firewalls that would need to be considered when discussing editing public data. 

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