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Help with pull data function

05-10-2023 08:52 AM
New Contributor II

Hi, I'm having problem with a pull data function and I can't seem to find my error.  Here is the situation:

I have a survey with a "select_one question", about the specie of a plant (line 60 of the Screenshot1.png).  The list of choice is in my choices sheet (screetshot2.png).  Than, I want to use a pull data function (line 64 of screenshot1.png) to return the hydric status of the identified plant (column "statut" of the Hygrophiles.csv file, see screenshot3.png)

When I update this survey, I get no message error but no value appear in the "statut" field when i enter a species in the "espèce" field (screenshot4.png)

Can you see what I do wrong?  Thanks a lot hor your input,

Émilie B.

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