Help with a Survey123 report with multiple geometry questions

09-22-2021 01:17 PM
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I have a lengthy Survey123 form that has many repeats and groups. When I try to generate a report within Survey123 for one selected record, it gives an error saying that the report couldnt render "GeoshapeTwo". These geometries are point, line and polygon and are conditional based off of a previous answer to display in the form. Should I mark each geometry as Null if the particular geometry is not being used? Attached is the survey if that is easier to interpret!


Edit: To add more context. here is the error I am getting. I have zero idea on what is going and why this map wont print. 

An error occurred when rendering by the report engine. Failed to print map for ${geoshapeone}. Error: Failed to print map: {"name":"request:server","message":"Error","details":{"url":"","requestOptions":{"query":{"f":"json","returnExtentOnly":true,"returnCountOnly":true,"objectIds":"3","spatialRel":"esriSpatialRelIntersects"},"responseType":"json"},"ssl":false,"httpStatus":400,"messages":["This operation is not supported."],"raw":{"code":400,"message":"","details":["This operation is not supported."]}}}

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Hi @JohnnyHarley232 ,

Thanks for sharing here! If it is possible, please also send us your report template, so that we can help you locate the issue.



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Hi @Ruth_JiatengXu,

I am having a similar issue. It actually appears to be intermittent, but I can't determine the cause. This report template has been around for a while. Last Friday we were having issues so I updated the template to use a smaller map scale. That seemed to temporarily fix it, but we are now seeing the same error again today. This report generates just fine when the condition in the template is not met and a map is not included in the report. 

Here is the error:


Attached is the report template. Any assistance would be great. 

Thank you,

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