Getting 0 for Calculation

11-15-2019 09:21 AM
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Hello everybody, 

Resolved: Called ESRI Support, we found that having 2 constants gave the equation a 0 and I had to multiply the constants together. Is there a way around this? 

29.84*.90*pow(${Outlet_Size}, 2)*sqrt(${Pitot_Pressure})

turned into 

26.856*pow(${Outlet_Size}, 2)*sqrt(${Pitot_Pressure})

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Hi Adam,

Can you please share a copy of the xlsx file so we can take a closer look? It is much easier to troubleshoot with the xlsx file to see all the settings and configuration for all questions, compared to just looking at the screenshots.


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Hi Philip, I updated my original post info. Don't have access to file right now but will soon, and can post. Thanks