Geoshape position and size changing Windows x64 install

06-14-2021 07:08 AM
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Our users are experiencing issues with the geoshape tool in Survey123. We have multiple surveys (all built in Connect) that use geoshape questions. The method is set to vertex

When users draw a polygon on the map interface, they experience the following issues when using the windows desktop field app (tested in versions 3.12.274 and 3.12.277) (but the same issues are also seen when testing in Connect 3.12.232):

  1. If moving the map, the polygon moves out of sync with the basemap (rather than being fixed to the basemap it 'floats')
  2. If saving their polygon drawing (by clicking the tick button), the polygon shown in the form is in the wrong place (e.g., moving southwest of the correct position).

After submission, when the polygons are shown either in an ArcGIS Online webmap, or in ArcGIS Pro, polygons can appear in the wrong locations (as described above), and may appear bigger or smaller than the area traced against the basemap. Despite this, the area calculations appear to be correct based on testing so far (i.e., an area calculation in the form matches the area of the submitted polygon shown in ArcGIS Pro). 

These issues appear to occur regardless of basemap. Is this a known bug?

Examples below:
Fig 1. Original polygon drawing

Original geoshape drawingOriginal geoshape drawing

Fig 2. Polygon has 'drifted'

Polygon has moved (in map/drawing mode)Polygon has moved (in map/drawing mode)

Fig. 3. Polygon has drifted (shown in form view)

Polygon has moved (in form view)Polygon has moved (in form view)

Software details:
Tested on a laptop running Windows 10 with version 3.12.274 of the x64 Survey123 Field App, and again with version 3.12.277 of the x64 install. Another colleague has also tested with 3.12.277 and has the same issues.

Also tested on a Samsung A71 running Android 11 and version 3.12.277 of the Survey123 Field App. - doesn't appear to have the same issues. Possibly limited to the x64 version of the app?

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Hi @DataOfficer ,

This is most likely an issue with the Windows Display Scaling setting - can you provide what value it is set at?  In particular, if the value is not evenly divisible by 100% (i.e., 125%, 150%), the shifting occurs due to a bug with the underlying programming environment (Qt) used by Survey123.  This has been resolved in the version of Qt used by the current beta version - could you get the beta from the Early Adopter Community and test?

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Hi @JamesTedrick, is there any update on a resolution to this? We are having to manually correct a large number of geoshapes being submitted through our forms.

Many thanks,

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Hi @JamesTedrick,

Thank you for the quick response and explanation. Scaling is set to 125% and 175% respectively on the two computers being used for testing.
I have just tested with the beta install (3.13.128) and the 'floating' issues appear to be similar or worse if you move the map window after the polygon has been drawn (first image below). However, when accepting the polygon (via the tick button) and then going back in to it, the polygon does appear to be in the correct place it was originally drawn. Viewing the polygon in an ArcGIS Online webmap still shows issues, in that the drawing that was made in Survey123 appears larger (i.e. outside of the traced boundaries). See the second image below.Survey123 Beta polygon 'floating'Survey123 Beta polygon 'floating'

Side by side comparison of Survey123 beta submission (left) vs. appearance in AGOL webmap (right)Side by side comparison of Survey123 beta submission (left) vs. appearance in AGOL webmap (right)
I had another member of staff also test on their device (scaling at 175%) but the limited testing they have carried out doesn't show any differences between the submitted polygon and the one appearing in AGOL.

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