Geoshape and polygon trace problem

02-14-2021 07:34 AM
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Hi everybody!

I am just trying to survey points in field and transform into polygons using Geoshape function, according to the "Lines ans Polygons" sample of XLSForm in Survey123Connect.

When trying to capture the polygon from surveyed points, Geoshape keeps  "calculating" in a loop and doesn't give a result. sum(${point})

I tryied directly with the mentioned sample and the result is the same.

I am attaching my XLS file.

What am I doing wrong?

Any help is highly appreciated.


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Hi @AlejandroMadrigal   I tested your survey with both 3.11 and 3.12 (Beta) and it worked as expected. I tested in Windows and iPhone. I do not think there is anything wrong in your XLSForm but I wonder if your device is causing a problem.  

Just to be clear, I tested as follows:

  1. Open the survey, adds a new vertex to the polygon at my location.
  2. Move a few meters to the side and add a new point. Adds the second vertex
  3. Move again and add a new point. Adds the third and now I can see the polygon
  4. Repeat with a few more vertices
  5. Send form: Creates points an dpolygon
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