Geopoint edit changes age calculation value

2 weeks ago
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I found a problem with my work flow due to fixing incorrectly placed geopoints through the data tab in the Survey123 website. The survey is an "incident form" where we collect patient information including an incident location. Some of our employees are part-time and put the geopoint in the wrong place. Our staff uses a shared creator/user login to complete all of the surveys in our first aid room. When they complete the survey in the first aid room, they set the geopoint. This incident form includes a section where the patient dob is input and then an age is calculated which cues a guardian information section if the patient is <18yr old.

Our work flow has a small group of employees with a separate creator/user that allows them to edit records. They login to the survey123 website and then review the days surveys from the data tab. They complete a few questions at the end of the survey via the table in the data tab. However, to fix the location we use the "form view" and then we "edit." When we edit the location in the "form view", it then changes the age to 0 which cues the guardian info section (if relevant, this is a required field). When we update things in the table view this doesn't happen. 

The reason for the work flow going this way and not via the inbox is we didn't want the entire staff to have editing access to any sent forms (the sent folder is disabled too). If we could have the inbox enabled and then limit editing by adjusting the user access that would work too.

Is there a way to change my calculation? Is there another way to change the work flow besides enabling the inbox? Is there a way to enable the inbox, but prevent all users from having editing access?

My age/dob section of the form is attached.

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