Geometry calculation within repeat

05-09-2023 08:53 AM
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I want to be able to have multiple building footprints associated with one feature.

I have my form set up so that the user selects the name of a building from a drop down (select one from csv file in the media folder), and the building footprint is pulled in automatically from a hosted feature layer on my portal.

To do this, I used pulldata@layer within a repeat to pull the building footprint. The calculation works fine for the first selected building, but does not work for any repeats. The screenshots below show the repeat in the xls form and how it appears in Survey123 (when it works).

Does anyone see any reasons for why the calculation would work once, but not for any repeats?

Thank you.

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I am running into this exact problem.  My calculation works on the first repeat. but the second repeat and any others created after that just bring in the same geometry as the first and do not update when you choose a different building.

Did you ever find a solution or work around?  Thanks!

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Same here, following thread.


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