Geocoding service in Survey 123 - how to use other projections

08-24-2022 09:00 AM
New Contributor

Hi folks,

I'm using Survey 123 connect and in one of my text questions, I want to include a geocoder so users can look-up an address using a geocoding service. My geocoding service is in TM65 Irish Grid (WKID:29902). 

The question seems to be working ok in Survey 123 connect, and displays a list of suggested addresses as the users types. However, when I publish the survey to our Survey 123 website nothing happens whatsoever in the address box. This is the message I get in the console:


I'm wondering if the problem is that the request is being made to the geocoding service in WKID:4326. Does anyone know if I can change the projection that the request is being made in, perhaps using the parameters in the XLS form? I don't even want any co-ordinates, just the address!!




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