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10-31-2022 11:02 AM
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I am new to Survey123 Connect and have run into an issue that I hope someone can help with.

I have a form with 4 select fields. Based on those user selections, I am plugging those values into a series of formulas and displaying the results in a series of tables. No problem.

However, the client wants to also show some of those values in a bar graph. I am unclear how to generate a bar chart based on user selected values within the Survey123 Connect environment. Any suggestions as to how to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance.

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The only way that I think this might be possible would be with a custom add-in...

If there is a way to do this "out of the box", I'd love to know!


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Do you mean inside the form?  Can't do that.  You can after on the website though here  or use Ops Dashboard and you can make all kinds of cool stuff.

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