Format read-only datetime fields in web survey?

08-26-2020 11:55 AM
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I have a survey which captures a datetime.  When entering data via the browser, or even editing/viewing an existing survey entry via the browser (mode=edit&globalId=xxx, or even mode=view), I see a nicely formatted split date/time display. In this survey the datetime field is not read-only:

If I have another survey pointed to this same underlying dataset and in this survey the datetime field is marked as read-only (i.e. using a dashboard to edit a survey entry, with some fields r/o), I see this:

Which is a very unfriendly way for a casual user to view the datetime field.

Is there any way I can force a better format when in read-only mode for this field?  


Tom S.

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Hi Tom

This is a known issue with read-only dateTime fields in the web app. Please log a bug through Esri Support if you'd like to track any progress on this issue.

One workaround could be to show this information in the second survey in a note question. You could format the date and time using the format-date() function (see Formulas—ArcGIS Survey123 | Documentation for more info). For example:

format-date(${datetime},'%m/%d/%Y %H:%M')

You could then use the hide=field: URL parameter to hide the dateTime question. Hope this helps.



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Thanks Jim - the note will work just fine.


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Hi Tom,

This is fixed in the web app and will be available on the next 3.11 release planned for mid Oct. Would you mind have a try then?


Jody Zheng Liu